Alber ViaGo Push Aid

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  • Speed: 0.9-3.4 mph

  • Range: up to 10 miles integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Weight Capacity: up to 330 lbs

  • Gradient: up to 16%


  • Compact and convenient - its lightweight design and compact dimensions makes this unit very easy to handle
  • Strong and enduring - even on inclines, ramps and uneven surfaces.
  • It has a range of up to 10 miles, depending on the terrain
  • Can power up slopes up to 16% gradient with a max speed of 3.4mph
  •  The power assist unit neatly attaches via a bracket underneath the wheelchair
  • The Via GO is suitable for most makes of manual wheelchairs

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We do not just deliver your powerchair in a box. We provide a demonstration service and bring a selection of powerchairs for you to choose from. We only provide powerchairs from our trusted suppliers who can offer an excellent backup service if required. All of our powerchairs come fully assembled with a 12 months labour and manufacturers warranty, 3 months free insurance is also available and a lesson on how to use the powerchair safely. You will also never pay a callout charge for as long as you own the product which applies to all powered product purchases made by customers that live in Worcestershire and surrounding counties.