Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing & Repairs for Mobility Equipment

How often should I charge the batteries on my mobility scooter/electric wheelchair?

    • We recommend that all mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are given a full charge after every use, no matter how short your previous journey has been. A full charge will take 8-14 hours, and the easiest way to achieve this will be to charge the product overnight.
    • If you are not using the product for any extended period, we recommend the product be charged once a week in order to maintain the batteries.

What batteries do I need for my scooter?

    • Lead Sealed Acid or Gel Batteries come in various different sizes, such as 12ah, 35ah and 50ah and there are now lithium battery types available too on certain models. In order to establish which size and type of battery you require, we will need to know the make and model of your scooter. If you are unsure of any of these details then we may have to physically see the scooter before we can confirm what batteries are required.

What mobility equipment do you service/repair?

    • We can provide servicing and repairs on the majority of mobility products, such as mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, rise & recline chairs, electric beds, hoists and bath lifts. While we can help with the majority of these products, there may be some rare exceptions where parts are no longer available to us. We can also service and repair straight stairlifts manufactured by some stairlift manufacturers. If you want to know if we can service your product then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

How often should I have my product serviced?

    • We recommend having all powered products and manual wheelchairs serviced annually. Powered products will include mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, rise & recline chairs, stairlifts, bath lifts, hoists and electric beds.
    • If you are a daily user who relies on the product, then you may wish to have your product serviced every 6 months.

Do I have to have my product serviced?

    • Generally, there is no legal requirement to have your product serviced, but it is strongly recommended to help maintain the product and ensure it is in good working order.
    • It is worth noting that it is the policy of some housing associations and care homes that some products, such as mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, are serviced annually as a condition of your stay. It is always worth checking with whoever is in charge of your accommodation on what their policies are.
    • It may also be necessary to have a product annually serviced in order to validate an insurance or extended warranty policy for that particular piece of equipment. Failing to have the product annually serviced may invalidate your policy and is something you should check with your insurance provider.

My mobility equipment has a fault, do I need it serviced?

    • A service is similar to an MOT on a car and is to ensure it is in good working order and help prevent any future issues which may arise.
    • If your product has already developed a fault, then we would deal with it as a repair rather than a service. The cost of a repair will always start with a ½ hr labour/diagnosis fee to establish the fault and advise you on what the overall cost will be to return it to full working order.
    • A product will need to be repaired before it can be serviced.

I can’t get my product to you for servicing/repair. Can you come to me?

    • Yes, we operate a callout procedure covering Worcestershire and the surrounding counties within a 1hr radius from Worcester city centre.

How long will it take for you to repair my product?

    • Once we have diagnosed the fault with your product, we will inform you of what we need to do, such as additional labour or replacing parts. As soon as you agree to the repair, we can order the parts and carry out the repair once they arrive. Generally, parts get to us within 48 hours from the majority of manufacturers, subject to stock availability. Should there be any delay due to stock shortages, we will always keep you informed of what’s happening. If parts are not required, then products will normally be repaired within 24 hours of us seeing the product.

I use my scooter every day; what can I do while it’s being repaired?

    • If you rely heavily on your product, we can usually offer the option of hiring something similar in the meantime so that you have something to use until it is repaired.

Do you do LOLER testing, and do I need it?

    • Yes, we offer LOLER testing on products within the health sector, such as hoists and slings.
    • If you use a piece of equipment which lifts or lowers loads as a principle function, such as a hoist, in the workplace (E.g. A care home) then that product will require LOLER testing every 6 months. If you are a member of the public that has purchased equipment for your own use in your own home, then you do not require LOLER testing.
    • For more detailed info on LOLER, please visit this website

Insurance & Warranty

What does insurance cover on a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

    • Insurance policies will vary from company to company. We are an appointed representative of Mark Bates Premier Care, whose policies include cover for loss or accidental damage relating to your own product, personal liability cover should you accidentally injure a person or damage their property as well as 24/7 national breakdown recovery to get you and your product home following a breakdown. For full details on what is covered by an insurance policy through Mark Bates Premier Care, please visit this website:

Do I have to insure my product?

    • While insurance is not a legal requirement on mobility equipment, it is strongly recommended to help prevent any unforeseen costs.
    • Similar to servicing, it is also worth checking with whoever is in charge of your accommodation what their policy is on insurance, as some will insist on mobility equipment being insured as a condition of your stay.

What does the manufacturer's warranty cover on a product?

    • A manufacturer's warranty will cover the repair of a product due to a manufacturing defect such as a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Most manufacturers' warranties will cover the product for a 12-month period, although in some cases, it may be longer.
    • It will not cover accidental damage or repairs resulting from misuse.

What is an extended warranty?

    • An extended warranty, provided by an external source such as Mark Bates Premier Care, is similar to a manufacturer's warranty, where it will cover the product for mechanical or electrical breakdown. It will not cover consumable items such as batteries, light bulbs and motor brushes or repairs resulting from accidental damage or misuse. For full details on what is covered by an extended warranty policy through Mark Bates Premier Care, please visit this website

General FAQ

What are your opening times?

    • We are open weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Do you charge for delivery?

    • Any orders over £75 include free delivery. For orders under £75, there is a charge of £6.95.

I’ve looked through your catalogue and can’t find what I need, can you help?

    • There are only so many products we can display in our catalogues. If there is ever something specific you are looking for that you can’t find, then drop us an email or give us a call, and we’ll always be happy to try and source the product for you from one of our suppliers.

Do I need a driving license to use an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter?

    • You do not need to have a driving license to use any mobility product. You will, however, have to demonstrate to one of our team members that you are safe to use the product by safely operating it during a test run.

Do I have to pay VAT on mobility equipment?

    • Most mobility products are eligible for VAT exemption. If you are chronically sick or have a disability relating to the use of the product, then you will be eligible for VAT exemption. In order to claim VAT exemption, you will only need to complete a simple form which we provide, stating your name, contact details and your specific medical condition. For full details on VAT exemption, please click visit our VAT exemption section.

I would like to visit your showroom, do I have to make an appointment?

    • No appointments are necessary; someone will always be on hand to show you around and demonstrate our range of products. However, sometimes some of the more specialist equipment may require a follow-up visit with one of our specialists.

It’s difficult to get my family member/friend down to your showroom. Do you do home visits?

    • Yes, we can arrange home demonstrations for all of our powered equipment as well as manual wheelchairs, provided you are in Worcestershire or the surrounding counties.

A lot of items on your website say “Book Assessment” - What does this mean?

    • While there are no strict tests or anything complicated, we aim to ensure that whatever product we are supplying is suitable for your needs and that you are safe to use it without endangering either yourself or others. In order to do that, we will carry out a demonstration of the product either in our showroom or via a home visit.

Do you sell any second-hand products?

    • Often we will have some second-hand options available, like wheelchairs and mobility scooters, but stock can change frequently. These products are fully reconditioned before sale. Please give us a call to get the latest on what reconditioned options we may have available.

I have some mobility equipment I no longer need. Do you buy second-hand goods?

    • Generally, we do not actively look to purchase second-hand products outright, but we can almost always offer you something as a part exchange option when purchasing new equipment from our store.
    • From time to time, we will also purchase second-hand products, but please be advised we will never be able to offer the same sort of value that you may get selling it privately. This is due to a number of factors, including:
      • Fully servicing the product to ensure it is in good working order and fit for sale
      • Potentially replacing essential parts such as tyres and batteries
      • Offering a warranty to cover the product in the event of a mechanical or electrical fault
      • Naturally, like any business, we will then have to make a profit from the product

Do you know anyone else who may purchase second-hand mobility equipment?

    • In our experience, online methods, such as eBay and Gumtree, will get you the most value for your product. If you are not comfortable with selling on the Internet, then local advertisements in places like supermarkets as well as local newspapers can also prove to be good alternatives.

Do you offer any financing options?

    • We can offer eligible customers to join the Motability Scheme. We are an authorised Motability agent and provide mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs through this scheme. This scheme is on a Contract Hire Agreement with Motability Operations Ltd. You can check if you are eligible by clicking here.
    • Currently, we do not offer any other financing options, and all purchases must be paid in full upon product handover.

Bathroom Conversions/Wet Rooms

If you are looking to have your bathroom adapted to help the elderly, less-abled and disabled stay in the comfort of their own home, then we can help.

Working closely with our partners at EA Mobility, they can offer a range of bathroom solutions tailored specifically to your home.

Our partners will happily provide a free in-home consultation to talk through your individual needs and assess the options available to you in your home. Following this consultation, they will then provide you with a free quotation.

An easy-access, fully fitted shower room conversion, including tiling and more, from only £4,999 fully fitted!

For an example of some of the options available to you, feel free to visit our showroom, where we have a walk-in bath and sample wet room on display.