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VAT Exemption (Zero rated VAT)

The majority of our customers do not have to pay VAT so we display all our prices excluding VAT. For products that are not eligible for the zero rate of VAT this will be indicated within the product information. 
If you, or the person you are buying for is eligible for VAT relief, then you will be able to fill out our VAT exemption form at the Express checkout stage. Ensure all Personal Details are completed in full. Once completed and you submit your order a copy of VAT declaration form will be sent to your email address and the VAT will be recalculated.

Please note that the medical condition stated must relate to the item purchased. For example, if you purchase a Scooter, then you must state a condition that relates to your inability to walk. Please be aware that stating a false or unrelated condition will result in your order being delayed and furthermore could result in the purchaser paying the difference in VAT. We will contact you by email if the stated medical condition is not eligible, but if you are in any doubt please call us on any of the above numbers. In addition, if your medical condition is not shown in our drop down menu please contact us to discuss further. If you are paying VAT please leave un-ticked.
Please note that the details you give us will be saved so you will only need to fill them out once. We only require one form to be submitted, even if you are buying multiple items every time you visit us. If you are buying for someone else in the future then you will be able to change your personal information.