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We understand that finding the perfect wheelchair for you or your loved one can be a daunting task. That’s why we have done the hard work for you and compiled our top 5 wheelchairs to help make your decision easier.

Without further ado, here are our Top 5 Best Wheelchairs here at Countrywide Mobility.

Agile Attendant Control Wheelchair

This wheelchair is designed for another person to push from behind. With a compact size, the Agile Attendant Control Wheelchair provides a flexible and convenient chair with plenty of options for personal preferences. For example, the chair is compatible with 14", 22" and 24" wheels and has Velcro straps that can be adjusted according to the user's body. It is easy to carry with its lightweight design and suitable for travelling with the quick-release rear wheels on the Agile chair. This is a fantastic wheelchair for those looking for a convenient, easy-to-use wheelchair!

For more information, please contact us on 01905 29950.

S-Ergo 125 Attendant Control Wheelchair

Like the Agile Wheelchair, this S-Ergo 125 Attendant Control chair also requires a person to push from behind. The chair includes S-Ergo Seating, a patented seating system that promotes pressure relief and helps to stop the user from sliding forward in the seat. This creates a comfortable, convenient wheelchair at an affordable price. Made from aluminium, the chair comes equipped with a detachable swing-away footrest and flip-back armrest. A fantastic all-around wheelchair that is perfect for those looking for an attendant control chair.

Star 2 Self-Propelled Wheelchair

The Star 2 wheelchair is designed for those who can operate the chair manually by pushing the wheels and manoeuvring it independently. With a dynamic and innovative design, the ultra-lightweight frame creates an agile and easy-to-use wheelchair that provides excellent manoeuvrability in everyday surroundings. Great for those who enjoy independence and getting out and about!

For more information, please contact us on 01905 29950.

Active Specialised Wheelchair

Specialised chairs can offer extra support and comfort for an individual's requirements; these can be Self-Propelled or Attendant Controlled depending on the person’s needs. The Active Chair combines exceptional driving performance, rigidity and lightness with aesthetic appeal. It's perfect for users who are more adventurous and looking for a wheelchair that can exceed their active performance. With a lightweight design and frame, the chair encourages you to move in a faster and more efficient way for a longer period of time.

Flexx Heavy Duty Wheelchair

This custom-made heavy-duty wheelchair is highly configurable to suit varying needs. Flexible and reliable, the chair comes with a folding backrest as standard for convenient storage and easy handling, perfect for day-to-day use. With the ability to adjust backrest angle, backrest height, seat width, seat depth, and more, the Flexx Heavy Duty wheelchair really is a great option for those looking for flexibility and good manoeuvrability in a safe chair.

For more information, please contact us on 01905 29950.

Our selection of wheelchairs offers something for everyone, from lightweight models ideal for everyday use to heavy-duty options designed with extra stability in mind. We also provide a variety of sizes, styles, and colours so you can find just what you need. Plus, all of our wheelchairs are made with durable materials that will last through years of use. With our selection, it has never been easier to find the perfect wheelchair for your needs!

The next step is to book your assessment with a member of our team by calling us on 01905 29950. We provide a demonstration service and bring a selection of wheelchairs for you to choose from at your own home. All wheelchairs come fully assembled with a 12 months labour and manufacturer's warranty. 1 month's free insurance is also available.

To browse our full range of wheelchairs, follow this link.

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Posted on 30th May 2023

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