Top 3 Transportable Mobility Scooters

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Transportable mobility scooters offer convenience and freedom to those with mobility issues. They are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. This means that users can take them on trips and outings without worrying about the hassle of transporting a larger, heavier scooter. Additionally, transportable mobility scooters are often more affordable than larger models, making them accessible to a broader range of people. They provide a comfortable and safe way to get around, allowing users to maintain their independence and enjoy the outdoors easily.

Here at Countrywide Mobility, we have a wide range of mobility scooters to choose from. You can give us a call on 01905 29950 for more information, visit our Worcester shop or, if you prefer, we can come to you*, bringing a selection of scooters for you.

Flyer Plus

The Flyer Plus is a fantastic transportable mobility scooter; it’s fast and easy to dismantle and assemble, making it ideal for storing and travelling with. It has a maximum speed of 4mph and a range of up to 16 miles, while the luxury padded swivel seat and puncture-proof tyres make for a comfortable and smooth journey. The Flyer Plus has adjustable arms and tiller, as well as ergonomic switches and controls and front and rear suspension. The USB charging socket is an added bonus, and you can choose a red or blue colour.

Our expert team here at Countrywide Mobility are on-hand to find you the right mobility scooter – simply call us on 01905 29950 to find out more information, or visit our shop in Worcester city centre.

Flite Air

The Flite Air is ultra-lightweight, with the heaviest part under 10kg when disassembled. You can travel a range of up to 10 miles on a fully charged battery, at a maximum speed of 4mph. The unique design allows for exceptional legroom, and the all-round active suspension make for a super comfortable ride. Easy to assemble and with easy access delta tiller controls, it’s clear why this transportable mobility scooter is one of our most popular.

Call us on 01905 29950 for more information.

eFOLDi Lite

The eFOLDi Lite transportable mobility scooter has top-quality aluminium alloy components, and, with its patented design, folds and unfolds in seconds. At just 15kg, it’s lightweight and can easily pack into the back of a car. The airline-compliant battery means you can travel even further afield and a range of 14 miles at a maximum speed of 4mph means you can get out and about easily.

Find out more about the eFOLDi Lite by giving our expert team a call on 01905 29950.

Our expert team are always on-hand to help here at our mobility shop in the centre of Worcester. We have years of experience in helping customers find the best aid for them, based on their requirements. We offer a unique service, ensuring you find just what you’re looking for, in the most convenient way. Find out more about why you should choose us for your Transportable Scooter supplier by clicking here.

*Worcestershire residents only.

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Posted on 19th June 2023

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