Tips Every Powerchair User Should Know

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As a person who uses a powerchair, you rely on your mobility device to get around comfortably and with ease. However, navigating your powerchair can be a little tricky at times. To help make your life easier, we've put together a list of essential tips that every powerchair user should know.

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Proper Seating Position

Before you start using your powerchair, it's essential to ensure that you are sitting in the correct position to prevent discomfort and serious injury. Make sure your back is straight and your feet are flat on the ground, while your legs are at a 90-degree angle to your thighs. At Countrywide, our experts will ensure the powerchair is the right one for you. We can also visit you at your home, bringing a selection of products to choose from. Call 01905 29950 for more information.

Adjust the Powerchair's Settings

To get the proper seating position, before using your powerchair, ensure that it’s adjusted to your specifications, such as seat height, armrest height, footrest length, etc. Correct adjustment will help you sit in a comfortable and safe position, reducing the risk of cramps, and promoting good posture. Many of our Powerchairs have adjustable settings and ergonomic designs for optimum comfort.

Avoid Overloading

It's easy to overload your powerchair with bags, equipment, and other items you could be carrying along with you. However, be careful not to overload it, as it can damage your powerchair's battery and motor. Invest in a backpack or bag that attaches to your chair securely to avoid overloading.

Keep it Charged

Always ensure your powerchair's battery is fully charged before heading out for a busy day. Keeping it charged is essential to ensure that you do not lose power unexpectedly while on the go. However, bear in mind that overcharging or undercharging can damage the battery or cause the powerchair to stall.

Observe Road Safety Rules

While in a powerchair, you are essentially a moving object on the road! Therefore, it is essential to observe road safety rules, such as using footpaths, looking out for vehicles and pedestrians while crossing roads, and following the rules of the road like any other grounded vehicle.

Regular Maintenance

Like any other device, a powerchair requires regular maintenance to ensure that it remains in good condition for longer periods. Regularly clean your powerchair to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating, oil the wheels, and check for any malfunctions regularly. Here at Countrywide, we offer a very thorough Servicing & Repair service to keep you on the move. Our team of fully-trained engineers can work on any of your products and get them back to working order.

Check the terrain

Powerchairs are excellent for indoor mobility, but outdoor terrain can be challenging for certain models. Before using, check the terrain to navigate it safely. Avoid steep slopes, deep gravel, or wet surfaces that can cause your wheelchair to skid. If you need a highly durable Powerchair for outdoor usage, we can advise on the right one for you.

Mind your speed

Powerchairs are great for speed but make sure you drive at a speed that’s safe for your surroundings. If you’re indoors, follow customary walking speeds to ensure you avoid accidents, and don't collide with objects or people.

In conclusion, powerchairs have changed the lives of many people with disabilities. These essential tips will help powerchair users get the most out of their mobility devices while ensuring their safety and comfort. By following them, powerchair users can maintain their devices properly and enjoy full mobility without encountering any significant challenges along the way.

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Posted on 14th July 2023

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